Moving from a WebApp login page to a minimal app without login

collAnon reaching v2.0 🎉

Its been a while but many reworkings went through to improve the user experience.

First thing first, here's a quick before(non-logged in):

collAnon v1.0 first page - login

And after:

collAnon v2.0 first page - Imported threads

Now instead of a simple(and quite empty) login page, with minimal three dots which behind had language choice and theming settings, there're more app sections to interact separately with, like:

  • Login/Sign-up/Recovery page
  • Imported threads/discussions as the first page
  • "About the app" link leading to the .com website for more info
  • Settings page
  • Scan/Paste QR Codes and invitation links
  • Quick theming

🚪 Login/Sign-up/Recovery page

Now stands on its own, quite simple and clean from any other functionality

📄 Imported threads/discussions as the first page

Importing/exporting discussions is a feature I always like in any service that offers it, so it was already a feature post-login but now importing is also possible without the need to login, leaving you quickly import and overview past discussions without the need to login. Importing currently is only saved locally(in the browser DB), nothing is sent/saved to the backend. Meanwhile exporting is only a feature available post-login and is only applicable to already ended discussions given that running/live discussions can be sensitive and could not reflect the final outcome.

It's not a good experience to have to load the full WebApp(that could take many seconds given that the WebApp is being downloaded in full before anything can be seen and interacted) to be able to see some info about the app so I chose to go with a separate domain that holds all the info that explain the platform and this link is a quick way to go there and look up for more info.

⚙ Settings page

Where you can change language(and save locally), enable the "Logs" section where you can see app logs in case there's need for troubleshooting and look up the "Plans" section where updated informations/inputs will be provided about the upcoming fundraising campaign to bootstrap a company behind this app.

Removing the old "Discussion Preview" page(only reachable through the invitation link) now we have the useful scan QR Code or paste the invitation link/code button with popup, a functionality previously available after login but now it's also available to the not logged in users. Once catched a valid invitation a preview of the discussion to join through login or registration will be shown giving a chance to join it or not.

🎨 Quick theming

In the navigation menu, now on the left, there're quick theming inputs such as a button to get to the default theme colour, a slider to choose the colour of the theme, plus a numeric input to get one colour precisely and a dark mode checkbox.